Three Flags

Lathrup Village, Michigan
Oakland County

History of Our Chapter

The National Society was almost 50 years old when nine women met in November 1939 at the home of Mrs. O. C. Davison on Sunnybrook Avenue, Lathrup Townsite, as it was called then.  They met to discuss plans for the organization of a new chapter of the DAR in Southfield Township.  They felt that they could not become active in any of the existing chapters already formed by the National Society as they were too far away.  Five members of Ezra Parker Chapter became members-at-large with the idea of forming a new chapter.

There were twelve organizing members present on December 19, 1939 for the organizational meeting, which followed a luncheon at Devon Gables.  Mrs. Jess M. McNeal was authorized to become the Organizing Regent.  Mrs. Bessie H. Geagley, State Regent; Mrs. Osmond Heaverich, State Vice Regent; and Mrs. Henry B. Joy, Honorary Vice President General, also attended.  Three names were submitted for the Chapter - Three Flags, Pontiac's Trail, and Simeon Botsford.  Three Flags was the unanimous first choice, since this territory had been held under the French Flag in 1701, the British Flag in 1763, and the American Flag in 1796.

Mrs. Ruth Davison, a charter member of Three Flags Chapter, recalled that one of her first impressions of the DAR was the formality.  This little group of neighbors, relatives, and friends now became a group abiding by more formal and proper ways of addressing one another at meetings - such as using the title Mrs. or Miss.

Three Flags Chapter held most of their monthly meetings in member's homes until the size of the group became too large and they moved to a permanent location in Southfield in 1992.

Over the years, as the Chapter grew from that nucleus of twelve women, other women joined and became active in carrying on the ideals of DAR.  Many of their daughters also carried responsibilities in the Chapter.  These early members and their daughters tell how much they enjoyed the work of the DAR and valued the expanding friendships made and nurtured through Chapter meetings.  Even women who have not been able to be active have wished to continue their DAR memberships and are proud of its principals and objectives, as well as their historical heritage.

Three Flags Chapter has expanded to a current membership of sixty-five.  For over sixty years the Chapter has engaged in many activities of service to our community, to our country, and to the support of the National Society with our gifts and talents.

Charter Members of Three Flags Chapter, NSDAR

  Dorothy Houston Bloom
Ruth Gouldburg Davison
Marion Slack Hooper
Ruth Patton Levey
Fern Gouldberg Tanner
Rachael Stickey Brannon
Olive Tukey Frederick 
Lillian Austin Hopkins
Nelle Greiger McGavran
Hazel Lee Vint
Margaret Hyatt Davison
Effie Clough Gouldburg  
Lyra Tucker Larges
Florence Campbell McNeal
Genevieve Wellman

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