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Lathrup Village, Michigan
Oakland County

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DAR State Conference Collection for Chapter contributions Service For Veterans with Michigan Daughters

DAR State Conference Memorial Tree in Memory of Michigan Daughters .
Each flower represents a Daughter we lost this year.

Three Flags Chapter Members that brought & filled bags for this Veteran's Service Project

Three Flags Chapter contributions to the State "Treat Her Like a Lady" Project for Female Veterans.

Three Flags Chapter Commemorative Events Chairman and Michigan State Commemorative Events Chairman presenting a Vietnam War Veterans Pin and Certificate honoring his service to his Country during the Vietnam War. 

Three Flags Chapter Speaker on his time in Vietnam during the War. 

Three Flags Chapter Members proudly holding Chapter Awards presented at State Awards Day, April 5, 2016

Chapter Community Service Chairman and Community Service Recipient

Chapter members coming into a Chapter Meeting.

Three Flags Chapter hostesses preparing for a Chapter meeting. 

Three Flags Chapter meeting honoring our Community Service Recipient

Three Flags Chapter members Vietnam War Welcome Home display set up in
Honor of 
all Veterans of the Vietnam War.

Three Flags Chapter scrapbook & Charter display at Awards Luncheon

Three Flags Chapter Regent welcoming Daughters to the picnic. 

Three Flags member and members of Grand River Trails exchanging ideas.

Three Flags Chapter Is Host for Oakland County Picnic. Prizes for games played. 

Chapter members with our past State Regent at the Oakland County picnic held at
Meadow Brook Estate.

Angel heart pillows donated for cancer patients comfort during chemotherapy.

Chapter members writing notes
to chapter members in rehab, hospital, nursing homes
or homebound. 

Chapter members writing notes
to chapter members in rehab, hospital, nursing homes
 or homebound. 

Gift bags presented to new members at the time of their installation.

Chapter members bundling holiday cards to be sent to active duty military deployed.
These cards are for the military to send back home to their friends and family.

Chapter members enjoying punch before lunch was served.

Chaplain conducting the installation ceremony for three new members.

Chapter Members getting the flags ready for procession at the Veterans Remembrance Service.

Three generations of DAR Daughters and a HODAR (husband of a DAR) participating at
WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA at Great Lakes National Cemetery.



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